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    Are reservations required?
    For Shanghai city bike tours(expect Chongming island & others surrounding cities such as  Suzhou,Hangzhou,NanJing )  are not required but we do appreciate booking in advance.We keep 10-12 spots open for  those who decide to ride with us at the last minure.Please do your best to arrive at the Meeting point a little early to claim your spot.Please phone  +86 186 1625 3582 to make your booking or call  us via whatsapp.

    What's your cancellation policy?

    We have a 72 hour cancellation policy for a full refund.If you miss the tour for any reason,we'll gladly reschedule you on another available tour anytime for up to a year.If you can't make it, it is a good idea to email us ahead of time.

    What is covered in the cost?

    see each tour for detail as each tour is different.All tours include the use of Gaint bicycle,safety gear(helmets,reflectors,rain gears and lights if needed) an English speaking tour guide and a personal travel insurance which cover one hundred thousand CNY of accident emergency if you can submit your passport copy on time.

    Do tours run all year around?

    Yes, our city bike tour run whole year. For MTB biking adventure is by reservations only.Please check with online custome service on the tour page.Basically,if you can book it on our website,we're running it.And if not,Do consider a private tour-if you have a decent size group(4+)or are willing to pay slightly more for the privilege,we will gladly creat a bespoke tour for you  at any time of the year.

    what happens if it rains?

    We run tours rain or shine and have plenty of rain gears.We find tours in the drizzly rain to be a different kind of fun and even more fun memory!If you have a rewservation and the weather is really bad,you are welcome to reschedule the tour for any other day for up to year.

    Where is the meeting point for the tour?

    Our meeing point "39 Che Zhan Nan(Nan literally mean "South" ) Road" Hong Kou District,Shanghai,China" is the tallest builing stand by South Che Zhan Road. The location is just opposite Shanghai Fu Xing High School which is the top 10 high school in shanghai. Normally shanghai Taxi drive should know the location without doubt.

    Can children take part on the tours?

    yes,we recommend age 13 and over,but this depends also on their height.Please contact us for further information.

    Do you have children's bikes?
    yes,We have Kids bikes,and baby seats.Please make a reservation online if you have children in your group and let us know how many are with you,and their ages,in the your reservation form. This way we can make sure we have the right sized bikes set aside for everyone in your group.

    Are helmets provide?

    Yes,you are not compelled by law to wear helmets in china,but we have more than enough for everyone so the choice is entirely yours.

    Do you rent bikes?

    Yes,but you must contact us ahead of time,especially during the summer when all the bikes may be taken up on the tours.

    How fit do I need to be?

    All our rides are taken at a leisurely pace as we believe slow travel is the best and safest.
    we are not racing around and will make plenty of spots to discuss and look at our surroundings.It is expected that you can cycle and have a basic level of fitness.You can be a novice new to cycling to join us. That is why we have chosen the Giant bicycles as our bike fleet.These cycles are very easy to use.


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